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Billiard Services

Professional Moving Service:

You never know when you might have to move your pool table. You might be having a new floor put in or may even have had a floor in your basement. It is difficult to work around the pool table. It is important not to let any moving companies, carpet crews, or handymen attempt to lift or move your pool table. The proper way to move a table is to dismantle the table completely. Table components should be wrapped in moving blankets, especially the rails. The slates must be positioned flat. Just because the cloth is coming off when you take the table apart does not mean that it cannot be upholstered once again with the same billiard cloth. Don’t let some pool hall junkie convince you that it has to have new cloth. It is important for the safety of your pool table to only allow factory trained technicians to perform work on your table. We specialize in moving tables in the Ontario from one residence to the next. We also perform in-house moves from one level of your home to another level of your home.


Re-upholstering of Billiard Cloth on Slate and rails:

Billiard cloth has a life expectancy. How well you take care of your table will determine how long your cloth will last. Your table should be brushed after play and always remain covered while it is not in use. Let one of our factory trained billiard technicians perform the quality of work found nowhere else in the GTA. Our work speaks for itself. Our cloth is pulled tight. There are no ripples in the fabric and all staples in the pockets are tucked up underneath. All rails are tightly upholstered and the table is leveled properly.


Rubber Cushion Replacement:

One of the most critical parts of your pool table is the rebound or action off of the rubber cushions. Like cloth, rubber cushions have a life expectancy. Rubber cushions can expand and contract in different climates. They will play different in the winter and in the summer. Over time cushions will dry out and tighten up tremendously. They can completely solidify and all you will hear when bouncing a ball off is simply a loud “thud”. Many times, the angle of the wood lining which the rubber cushion is adhered to has to be changed. Unfortunately, many people in this industry do not know the proper angle for maximum rebound. Here at Billiard Depot, our billiard technicians go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.


Assembling & Dismantling:

In order to play like a pro, your table must be assembled properly. You are going to have it put together once, don’t cut corners by hiring a novice billiard company or pool shark who claims he will save you $50 -$100. If you want the best quality work, call Billiard Depot to speak with an expert today. Pool tables must be handled with care at all times. Even when it is being taken apart, one must be extremely careful handling the different components. The slates are very heavy and will crack if they are dropped. If you are moving out of province and you would like to take your table with you, no problem.

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